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It is not for us, ordinary men, to judge what supernormal level they, the yogis, have reached. Venerate them, because you can see when you meet a true Yogi that he is supernormal, if there is some spiritual development in you. Or wait and watch with an open mind. Experiencing the supernormal in the presence of the Yogi can be both external and internal. External experiences are spectacular. They get a Yogi his reputation. The inner experiences purify a devotee's heart, if such experiences are not delusions, or hallucinations, and give stability to his devotion to the Cosmic and, inner life itself.

Let me talk about Yogi Hans Baba here. I had seen many such external miracles in March , when I had to organize and spend thirty six days with him. The crowd expectations had gone up. Organizers like me got the blame, when some incurable cases got cured but, some just did not. I then wrote a critical book on Yogi Hans Baba. Why is it then that some people were cured and some not? That brings me to what must be described as Destiny.

Destiny is easy to define as that part of the sum total of the karmas of a man's incarnations which he has to enjoy and suffer in his present life, without fail. Astrologers who predict successfully prove this up to a point, but upto a point only, because the astrologer is not a Yogi, 'seeing' as the Yogi does, but inferring, through vast and baffling techniques of Vedic astrology.

I have given enough proofs of it through my readings, often in writing even before I met a person whose horoscope I happened to have for scrutiny. I have also dealt with this theme in my book, Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time. Though the present book has some astrological discussion here and there, particularly in the earlier chapters, this book is mainly the narration of some, some only, of my experiences with 18 Yogis, first hand eye-witness accounts. Both the Yogi and the astrologer, the good ones only, can see through differing methods, both karma phala or, the results of the karma of past lives, one has to enjoy or suffer, and the karma samskaras or the psycho-physical, mental and spiritual tendencies arising out of the actions, thoughts, deeds and speech of an individual.

In doing so, the astrologer is sometimes spectacular but mostly a failure, because of the great expertise needed along with high Yogi-like discipline in his life. Most of the astrologers are busy worldly men with their material demands, writing, editing, talking and promoting themselves like anyone else in other professional fields. They are men with limited vision but big reputations, shallow, arrogant, pompous even, in their feigned humility.

It is the pattern of destiny that an astrologer sees in vast detail and predicts. Because some of these predictions come out correct, Vedic astrology, though badly fragmented, with many of its techniques lost, or applied without statistical replicable testing, continues and will survive as the easiest super-science available to man, providing a holistic attitude towards his own personality.

Destiny is what a common man suffers but a Yogi transcends. In this book, instances of both types have been given. But when will the predestined happen? There is a time for everything, birth, infancy, youth, middle age, old age, sickness, disease, death, achievements, failures, gains, losses, and the sense of happiness or unhappiness we attach to them, according to our own individual, family, social, national, even racial, value system.

The Yogi rarely gives the time frame, in which a certain predestined event would happen. This is the area in which the astrologer works, with the dasha systems of the Hindu astrology, which is unique and unparalleled. I have had the unique advantage of both seeing and analysing astrologically, the pattern of someone's destiny, and knowing what a Yogi, whose supernormal powers I had reasons to believe in, had said about that person. The pattern of human destiny is what both a Vedic astrologer and, a Yogi can see.

The Yogi is rarely interested in telling any event in detail and in a defined time-frame. But then a true Yogi's utterance is usually infallible. In fact, there is no great astrologer in the world at all. Then begins a search, which is the beginning of the thirst, for the non-normal.

I say usually infallible, not infallible always. No one can master astrology in a life time. It began in the USA with drugs, and later, attractions for sadhana. But sadhana can be frustrating in these days of 'instant' culture. Something to sustain and restore belief in the Cosmic, without being cheated, can be a wish, an anguished anticipation, or even an achievement. It is here that a true Yogi's is a great spiritual presence, visibly and mostly invisibly, when you are sincere.

The appreciation received has been very encouraging from all over the world. Spiritual life is beautiful but it has many fires. It is always rewarding whether or not one makes spectacular progress in one life or not. Life without spiritual tones is animal life. I have made some additions to this book, some very valuable spiritual lessons from ancient scriptures. This book has been re-edited by Anuradha Dutt, after introducing many punctuations, in the British style of journalism on which we Indians have been taught.

The most important additions made is the chapter, Chapter 15 on "Caution and Warning", which became necessary as will become obvious after one has read it. Then there are scriptural instructions, which is the highest spiritual wisdom, humanity can ever have. A simple and plain understanding of world's greatest book of spiritual wisdom, India's great eternal heritage, should always be kept in the background, before accepting anyone as spiritual unlike the west where it has been reduced to a mere display of a belief, which is false. That Great Guru It is time I had recollected and put down in writing, a friend told me, something about those who called astrology sacred science, to dispel cynicism astrologers create.

Avarice, malice, more boast than ability and fraudulent practices in every field of human endeavour, provokes unhappiness, but in astrology, the gullible that get cheated and become its worst victims, and, the over-ambitious consultors who do not want an astrologer to give them a disappointing prediction, both turn hostile, first, to astrologers and, then to astrology.

Few months before he took samadhi, the great mahayogi, Devaraha Baba, had told a friend-astrologer: "Bachcha, ye pavitra vidya hai, ise chhodana nahin" It is a sacred vidya. Do not give it up. Every great and true mahatma I have met, has called it both sacred and a vidya. I have heard of only one well- publicised baba that speaks against astrology.

In , when he was making frantic attempts to enter the then prime minister Indira Gandhi's durbar court , he had it spread through his disciples that astrology and astrologers were humbug. Indira Gandhi would live for fifteen years more, as India's Prime Minister. Silent for about five years, he has now started back on his own tirade against astrology. They say that they have to tolerate him because he gets them good business contacts. I have referred in my article on Dr. He has given up all attempts to enter any durbar of important politicians, as he has now realized that he has nothing to offer, ever as a fraud.

Magazine, January , how mahatmas have spoken of astrology and instructed me, not to give it up. He told me that astrology had to be a mission, a service done without any monetary consideration, to keep alive its sacred-ness. He knew some of those secrets of astrology which, I know, that only mahatmas know, and are not given in any text book of astrology. He shared some of them with me, when I could be alone with him, which was rare. This was the best practical advice I ever got. A late friend of mine from Lucknow put it more clearly to me thus: eighty percent people, with their normal 2.

Astrologer can never get the correct horoscope of important figures.

Spiritual energy gets wasted in predicting if the astrologer is also a Shaka. An old Bengali astrologer told me that no single method of calculation of longevity could be said to be infallible. A very old astrologer, about ninety six years old or more, was rather blunt5,6. He said that astrology had become a thugee vidya in the hands of cheats , and he reeled off the names of many astrologers and, spoke about their lack of understanding of even elements of astrology. He of course, impressed me with his quaint techniques of predictions, some of which given to a family known to me, were dazzling.

Against such morbidity provoking criticism of astrology, were some of the occasional observations made by mahatmas from time to time which I would record here, giving astrological examples. My Guruji's Observations My Guruji's observations on astrology being the subject here, I will deal with this astrologically, referring to his own horoscope and, referring to some incidents which are, to majority of us, miracles in the truest sense of that term.

No astrologer can ever satisfy them. He died in , after the first edition of this book was published. If he saw Mesha sheep and Simha lion coming into operation in a dasha, he would say the sheep has entered the mouth of the lion! He has read some couplets in Bengali of the girl astrologer, Khana, who was a genius.

She put in couplet forms some of the finest secrets of astrology. R Sun Mars Asc. Let me first refer to a horoscope. It is that of a lawyer of Calcutta. It is not astrology in the traditional sense, casting a horoscope on the basis of time, date and place of birth. One such occult science is described as angushtha Shastra, being based solely on the study of an individual's thumb. Angushtha, means the thumb. Remember this important chronology of events, from to Though I came across many angushtha shastris later, the only one who impressed me was Atmeshwar Swami, a plumpish, impressive personality, who was always accompanied by his uncle, Janardan Swami.

I met them in Calcutta accidentally, in the business premises of Batuk Bhai, a guru bhai of mine, in , when he was doing the reading of someone's thumb but, speaking in a language, which they were finding difficult to understand. I then noticed that he was speaking something resembling Varanasi style of Hindi, with heavy South Indian accent. Naturally, Bengalis and Gujaratis were finding it difficult to understand him.

Slowly, I concentrated, initially, with some strain, on his accent and, then started to understand everything he was saying. I started rendering it both in English and in Hindi which Calcutta businessmen understood easily. After this, Atmeshwar Swami started to like me, requested me and wanted to fix all his important appointments in my presence, in my room, at my convenience, after office hours. I agreed on one condition, that he would allow me to take notes and get his predictions verified, later.

He agreed cheerfully. Thus began a story of a very sweet friendship. His method, which I described later, in a very long testimonial I gave to him, which was reproduced without my name, of course , in The Illustrated Weekly,9 in some issue in , briefly was: a After studying the thumb, he divided individuals into three categories: below number five thousand as insignificant men; between five thousand and ninety nine thousand as men who would make a mark in life - the greater the number, the greater the success; and people above ninety-nine thousand, as rarest of the rare men, the epoch-makers.

It was the most dignified weekly of India once. It had the misfortune of getting such sensation mongering editors as Khushwant Singh, and, very unworthy editors, later. It collapsed, as was inevitable. Man Singh was adored by many villagers. Let me refer to two of his pleasant predictions: the first was to Justice P. Mukherji, who had been superseded as the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court, supposedly on the basis of an adverse remark on his case recorded by Pt.

Jawaharlal Nehru in Mukherji had been elevated. It happened in I remembered it as a fantastic prediction. But to a businessman in Calcutta, he gave from commercial to sexual predictions, with so much ease and confidence, that I was both amazed and amused. I do not want to recount them here, but they clicked so well that people held Atmeshwar Swami in awesome respect.

My Guruji who respected astrologers, and gave them money munificently, from out of the donations sent to the ashram, always respected Atmeshwar Swami, for preserving ancient knowledge. In the ashram, Atmeshwar Swami gave some wonderful predictions to many inmates and visitors, all in my presence, with me recording them. Whenever I praised Atmeshwar Swami to the skies, people asked me a question. Why did I do that, when not a single prediction he had given me, ever came out correct! My answer was that every astrologer had to have his percentage of failures.

Mine was a case falling in this small percentage, perhaps five, of failures. Should I not praise him, seeing his over ninety percent success rate? Females would take the secrets to the families into which they would get married. The first Prime Minister of India to That was the first dear signal Indira Gandhi, the Indian Prime Minister, had given other future intentions of wrecking democratic institutions of India.

Towards the end of , both he and I left Calcutta. But during that period, everyone except Chandibabu, whose horoscope I have given earlier, never consulted him and, even told me one day: "I know all about my future. In , one day while walking in a garden, Guruji told me all about me, my future, my wife's future and even about my children. I need not consult anyone as every word of what Guruji in Bengali they use Thakurji for Guruji had told me has come out correct so far.

This time, he was not even looking at the thumb. He reeled off predictions effortlessly. I asked him - why this change? He confided in me that the Dattatreya Yantra he was worshipping, had started giving him fullest results; his gifts had become totally supernormal. In Vrindavan, I would meet an extraordinary saint under a banyan tree - a classical avadhoot, resembling Jada Bharata of the Srimad Bhagvatam.

It not merely came out 25 true but, I had the extraordinary luck of meeting Nagaridas Baba, from July to July , twice a month, till the Baba took Samadhi. But the question that intrigued me was why Chandibabu was not telling me what Guruji had told him. Among the saints I have known, I had the benefit of seeing that my Guruji could tell anyone's future as and when he wanted with absolute precision.

He shared it more with me than anyone else. He told a Hindu colleague of mine that a love affair had with a Muslim girl had caused lot of agony, even without looking at his thumb, as he used to do, in his earlier visit. In retrospect, I can say now that he was matchless in this regard. I have not met anyone who could see everything in a flash, as my Guruji could. I never asked Chandibabu or Guruji what these predictions were. Sometime in , few months before my transfer to Delhi, one day Chandibabu gave me his horoscope, and his wife's and asked me what I had to predict.

Why was he wanting predictions from me when he knew all about his future, was my question. He melted, for the first time, and said, he was anxious and, was shaken up. A prosperous lawyer like Chandibabu, who had appeared stiff-necked and snobbish to many, had controlled his emotions with dignity. It was Dhanu-Dhanu period. From the darapada the seventh house was under heaviest affliction. In Vimshottari it was Venus-Mercury period. The dasha of the seventh lord, with retrograde Mercury in the seventh house. Was his wife safe? In Jaimini the next dasha would be of Makar, containing upapada and indicating a change in his life also.

Guru as Family Counsellor There will always be, in India, genuinely spiritual Gurus, as sources of spiritual and mental strength to hundreds of disciples suffering family, social and professional problems. Some of them end up as good Sadhakas, towards the end of their lives; some of them oscillate between the worldly and the spiritual with enigmatic suddenness; some of them rightly take only the spiritual messages of the Guru and lead secluded lives, in pursuit of their sadhana.

Surprisingly for a majority of them, the Guru is a crutch on which they want to carry on their entire burden and, that of their family's. If the Guru leaves the world of mortals, they see it as the end of everything for themselves, forgetting that Guru lives through the mantra given to his disciples and, not in flesh and bone. Chandibabu belonged to this category. Though so prosperous, with a lucrative legal practice in the Alipore courts of Calcutta, he was haunted by the fear of life without the physical presence of Guru.

In sheer desperation, he had once asked Guruji in , whether he would ever have to live in the world without the physical presence of his Guru. One day in , Guruji took him for a walk and told him, "I will be with you all for over thirty years from this year. Then within a space of six months, you, your wife and I will leave the world". Others only knew that Chandibabu had been told clearly about his end, but only I came to know clearly in , from Chandibabu what Guruji had told him.

I knew of the supernormal gifts of Guruji. I knew that haunting fears of Chandibabu had substance. They were not imaginary fears, like that of many other guru bhais. Life without Guru! That was the haunting fear of many, particularly of some women. Chandibabu's dasha-sequence In the case of Chandibabu, his Venus dasha had reached a very critical stage and it was maraka killer for Mesha lagna. It would be followed by the dasha of debilitated Sun. In Jaimini, the Makar dasha would have the atmakaraka in the eighth. So his horoscope showed that period was neither good for him nor his wife.

I had worked harder on the horoscope of his wife on his own insistence and had refused to give any prediction. But I had reasons to have my own apprehensions. His wife's Horoscope Often when I wanted to give up astrology, it is for reasons like this. May be, my reactions were strongly subjective. There was no personal emotion involved in it. Unconsciously, I place myself in the position of the consultor and, experience the turbulence of his emotions, in the dasha running. With my Hindu middle class background, I know the deep emotional tangles in which close knit members of a family, so emotionally interdependent, get involved.

There are so many emotions, but the fear of uncertainty is chilling, and the fear of death, frightening I could see, even though a bachelor, that towards the end of a long and successful married life, the husband and the wife perhaps merge into each other, perhaps Marriage reaches a point of divinity now, perhaps. One wished it would go wrong. But wishing is mere wishing In Vimshottari it was Mercury debilitated mahadasha and Jupiter retrograde sub-period, Lagna lord in the eighth and retrograde, to be followed by retrograde second lord's sub-period.

I had made detailed analysis. Then another day, he told me that doctors had removed all malignant parts, successfully He was cheerful. I wished doctors would prove right. But Mercury-Saturn period? In March , I received the message that Mrs Chandida died of cancer, which had spread all over her body. On 23rd June, I got a telegram about Guruji In September, , Chandibabu also died. It was known to Chandibabu in He did not need the prediction of the angushtha shastri, in He took me in confidence in Thirty two years after , all three of them left the world of mortals.

Such is the vision of a seer, for whom death is not even an emotion. It is that story of a seer, I am narrating astrologically This is the composite technique in which I combine both Parashara and Jaimini dashas, successfully, as explained in my book, Predicting through Jaimini's Chara Dasha. Death was looming. Doctors could not have been right. He knew the great secrets of the Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras. He became more famous, when the former Indian Prime Minister, the late Indira Gandhi, started visiting him. Devaraha Hans Baba A very ardent disciple of Devaraha Baba is the now famous Hans Baba on whom I have written a critical book, critical because though like his great guru, he is a Yogi, he is already surrounded by many opportunists.

Whether he is the reincarnation of his great guru or, merely the disciple of a great guru whom he cannot match is the controversy that is already raging. It will go on for some years. A journalist wrote a book on him in Hindi, pronouncing his judgement that Hans Baba was the reincarnation of his guru, Devaraha Baba. Without my wanting it, I got embroiled in the controversy. But when crowds started collecting round him, expecting to be rid of their diseases, and not to learn the great spiritual lessons he could give them, I got irritated. How can the karmas of so many births, whose evil consequences one has to suffer, be reduced to ashes and every human life be made blissful?

That goes against the very soundly understood yet mysteriously operating laws of karma, I argued Organisers like me get all the blame, when someone expecting to overcome his misfortune, or ailment, feels that he has been the victim of a wrong propaganda. Technically, only persons following the Yogic path, are to be described as Yogis. I got involved in this controversy.

Once bitten twice shy, I have avoided the Baba since then because of the enthusiasm of an ignorant journalist who wrote a book on Baba calling him the reincarnation of his great, in fact very great, guru. The story begins India which was known as Ajnabhvarsha, was renamed as Bharatvarsha, after the great spiritual and efficient king, known as Bharat. He started living in a hermitage, deep inside a forest where except the wild animals, the green foliage of the trees and rivulets flowing by, there was nothing to distract his attention, from the practices of his Yogic sadhana.

But Fate had willed otherwise. One day a lion was chasing a pregnant deer which, to save her life, took a big frantic leap over a rivulet. The child in her womb fell into the river. The deer died, and the baby deer needed careful nurturing, being motherless now. The sanyasi, Bharat, took pity on the baby deer. He started looking after it, with affection. An attachment, leading to the creation of a new bondage, became a hurdle to further progress, in the life of the sanyasi Bharat.

Nagari Das Baba described a guru's desire to build ashrams and have disciples as something of a self-immolation, a worldy ambitious Yogi gets trapped into. He had his own disciples, but none ever near him, or serving him. Once initiated, his disciples had to do their own sadhana.

There was no master and serf relationship in the guru-shishya tradition of his.

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Americans should read the story of Jada Bharat before trying to pose the spokes persons of the spiritual tradition of India. Should not be mistaken for the son of Shakuntala of the famous play of the great Kalidas. The Guru inspires from within. His physical presence is not a necessary pre-condition to progress in sadhana. The queen of a princely state had offered to Nagari Das Baba her huge palatial temple,24 where he could live, have his ashram, with disciples.

He rejected the offer and, ran away from Vrindavan for nearly ten years, to be totally out of the sight of the queen. Nagari Das Baba's tongue was acerbic. Often, he said that a true disciple does his spiritual practice sincerely. A bad disciple keeps running round the guru instead of doing sadhana. Such biting comments of Nagari Das Baba earned mm many enemies, in Vrindavan. He was poisoned thrice, twice, during the period I used to meet him He suffered, but without taking medicine, overcame all the effects of lethal poisoning, through his Yogic powers.

In , when he took samadhi, the most sublime, spiritual presence in my life came to an end. To come back to the story of King Bharat, he died with the agony of a parent of the child-deer, in his heart. In his next birth, he had to be born as a deer, because if the thoughts in the mind of a persons at the time of death are concerning the material, not the spiritual, leading to salvation, one must get trapped into the cycle of births and rebirths. The kind God keeps alive the memory of any great sadhana, done by anyone in a previous birth, whatever may the next birth be, human or animal. Gurus who make their disciples work like slaves for the fulfilment of their worldly ambitions are among the worst exploiters.

In Vrindavan there are many palaces in which there are magnificent temples.

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The Deer Bharat Remembering the mistake of his previous birth, he ate only dry leaves, and moved around sacred places, biding time, awaiting his death. Jada Bharat Jada means dull, stupid. In his next birth, he was born in the family of a highly religious Brahmin.

But, Bharat observed none of the normal rituals of a Brahmin. In that high transcendental state, he needed no help of rituals, whose purpose is to create that state, through which transcendental state is attained, which he had already attained, as King Bharat, earlier. He moved in the world like a mad man. He taught brilliant spiritual lessons to an arrogant king of Sindh, Raja Rahugana. The greatest Yogis I have met lived in the pilgrimages associated with Radha-Krishna. He never accepted any money from anyone, never touched it.

If anyone insisted on giving anything, he told him to get fodder for cows, peacocks and other birds and, feed them around the bunyan tree, near where he sat and, where peacocks and birds flocked. Cows would come every day, lick his body and would not leave him, inspite of his protesting, till they were satisfied. Elsewhere in the book, there is more about Nagari Das Baba.

Moorkhanandji I have referred to Swami Moorkhanandji many times in my articles in the Astrological Magazine. I have not met another Yogi, who knew the secrets of mantras so correctly, along with their prayog the method of doing them with their do's and don'ts , as he knew. I was very annoyed with persons who took the fullest advantage of his extraordinary knowledge of Sanskrit, direct and personal experience of the potency of the mantras he chose to experiment with, wrote books which earned them national and international fame, but never mentioned that it was plagiarism, pure and simple.

Many great Mahatmas pretend to be dull and stupid. A good caricature of the modern writer of books on spiritual themes, while the writer himself is a greedy devil. In , in my astrological articles on the late Dr. Someone in Allahabad, who read them, told Moorkhanandji about them. Later when he met me in Delhi, he said, "So you have mentioned my name". I said that I had, and would do it many times more. The Indian habit of not mentioning the names of persons from whom such extraordinary spiritual knowledge was learnt, is the most vulgar theft in any sense of the term.

It also showed lack of gratitude, I said. How and why did he come to be known by this name, did arouse my curiosity. I asked him about it. His actual name was Vidyaranya, or, a storehouse of knowledge or, literally, a forest of knowledge. That was the name his guru had given him. But he chose for himself the name, Moorkha, because he said that according to the Shastras spiritual- religious literature he who has made many resolutions in life and, did not carry them out, was a 'moorkha'. I came to know about him from an industrialist, the late Sitaram Jaipuria who, when in crisis, consulted me astrologically, and when not in crisis, used some ever willing astrologers of Delhi, to work for him, as liaison men for shady deals.

Since Sitaram knew that I did not charge any fee, for my consultations, he was surprised once, when I told that I would charge my fees. What, he had asked me. I told him that till he took me to Moorkhanandji, he would have no astrological consultations from me. I have now discovered that many foreigners, particularly of the West, are the most ungrateful people, with some notable exceptions. After that, between and , I met Moorkhanandji, at least four or five times in one year, in Ghaziabad, near Delhi, where he stayed in the house of Sitaram Jaipuria. I have mentioned about an incident of those days in my book, Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time.

Sometime after , when my Guru had taken samadhi this term means when a Yogi decides that it is time to get out of his body, meaning decision to die , I had, after decided, once again to give up astrology. During that period of my vacillations, Moorkhanandji not merely encouraged me to continue with my astrology, but even told me some secrets. I should not give up astrology because "Yeh vidya lupta nahi hui hai. Ast hai. Iska phir udaya hoga apke madhyam se" This knowledge of jyotisha or astrology is not lost but is hidden, as at sunset.

There will be a revival of it and you will be the medium through whom it would happen. Since I believe in the words of such Mahatmas, I knew that sometime, even in the India of my times, some chances would come and, I would be fulfilling some astrological mission of mine, about which I had hints from others, also.

But none had said it in so clear a language. Today , the biggest astrology classes of the world are being run in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, of which I am the architect, with a team of new writers of excellent books on astrology, all of which are path-breaking. These books have been acclaimed as the best ever to have come from India. Mr Robert Hand, a giant in western astrology with whom I had a ten hour meeting at the house of Charles Drutman and Darlene, my sweet-tempered hosts at Boston, he liked my openness, as he said.

It was in December, In the meantime I learn, that Mr. Hand has written to some that, "Rao is the best man to come from India That is what and how a Yogi, Moorkhanandji, foresees it. And I know is, that when this mission of mine is over, I will either die suddenly or give up astrology, suddenly. Moorkhanandji knew the secrets of mantras.

Once a friend of mine in trouble, with the mightiest power of India of those days, Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister, was told by Moorkhanandji, to do a prayog experiment. My friend did it. The person, through whom Indira Gandhi had chosen to wreak vengeance on my friend, ran into many difficulties. He asked me, when we were alone, whether I was experiencing something, which I thought was rather awesome.

It was said in I experienced it for the next four years. He never touched money, had no disciples, no ashram and had not eaten rice, wheat or any cereals for over forty years. He lived only on fruits or vegetables, which he ate only at night. I have described in my book Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time, how in the same nursing home, within a space of six months, from December to May my two great astrological gurus, my mother and Swami Moorkhanandji, breathed their last. For my astrology, it has been an irreparable loss, the death of a great Yogi, who knew the uses of some secret Chakras of Vedic astrology, which, only Yogis know.

Nagendra Singh. After my prediction about his re-election to the International Court of Justice, Dr. Singh had neither the decency to thank me for it, nor the courtesy to tell me, anything about the visits of Mouni Baba to Delhi. After a gap of more than eight years, I met him again in the house of Shri Arjun Singh, the famous Indian politician. My meetings have been more frequent since then. On his advice, I gave up eating rice, wheat and cereals.

It is ten years, now. In terms of calories, what I consume, is less than one tenth of what the world's poorest man eats. People in India and USA have seen me working for sixteen hours a day, without sleep and without rest. The instructions Mouni Baba gives to some chosen few, who he thinks take to spiritual practices properly, are precise, scientific and illuminating. But, he is not easily accessible. He maintains a vow of silence mouna and communicates, whatever he wants to say, by writing on a slate, with a chalk, in exquisite Hindi and, in beautiful hand writing.

He told me that giving too many predictions to many persons should be avoided.

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The reasons he gave were so beautiful. But professional astrologers will not like them at all. How did he know that romantic, yet awesome, experience of mine? Shankaracharya of Kanchi A great living saint, and a true world teacher, with deepest classical learning, lucid exposition and a winning smile is the present Shankaracharya of Kanchi, Jayendra Saraswati. I am a witness to his supernormal powers, which I should not reveal, yet. I have referred to him in my book, Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time, also.

A Profile of Guru's Life When people ask me whether I believe in the supernormal powers of Yogis, my invariable answer is — one hundred percent. But to the other question, whether I believe hundred percent in the supernormal powers of all saints, my invariable answer is 'no'. There is that difference between Yogis and Yogis, the genuine, on the one hand and the pseudo saints and the lukewarmly genuine ones, on the other. So first, cursorily the distinction I have spoken of between saints with supernormal powers.

How can one know whether a particular saint has such a power? It is a difficult question, which I can answer in my own way, by showing a contrast. When I was initiated by my Guruji, I was told that he would give only such mantra as would appear before him, at the time of initiation. He gave me a Krishna mantra, without his or anyone else ever knowing that Lord Krishna and Vrindavan had been dearest to me.

To accept it as the appearance of a mantra before him was difficult for me, as it neither proved nor disproved anything as far as the claim made by my guru-bhais about the appearance of mantras before my Guruji was concerned. Later, I had many interesting experiences. The first was, when my own immediate elder sister Sharad, a Sanskrit scholar, wanted to be spiritually initiated by my Guruji, though she had picked up a Krishna mantra from somewhere, for her own japam. She was in a very pleasant daze, when Guruji gave her the same mantra. It would do lot of good to people to know it. Such concocted mantras have no divine potency at all but are the haystacks of someone's brain.

They were afraid of making this request directly to Guruji and, were told that only if "Rao dada pleaded with Guruji something perhaps could be done. But then I had asked him politely, why did he at all initiate so many so fast without "seeing", whether they were worthy of being initiated at all! In a way, I pointed it out as the fault of Guruji himself and not of the disciple, going astray.

They were ecstatically surprised, stupefied and told me that they had no doubt about Guruji being mantra-drashta, "seer" of mantras. Many had been first initiated in their dreams by Guruji, and later, when they came to him for formal initiation, they got the same mantra, exactly. This is the only living proof I have of a mantra-drashta.

When I discussed it with a guru-bhai, he told me that he had known it all along, as he had been given a Kali Mantra, while his wife, a Krishna mantra. On the wife protesting to Guruji, why they had been initiated separately and given separate mantras, he had smilingly asked, "has your husband not been worshipping Kali goddess and you Krishna of Vrindavan all your lives?

But one of them proved to be an absolute fraud in Nagpur. He nearly landed in a jail. The other, in another eastern state, had a set of nine mantras, which he gave to his disciples, to some, two, to some, three and to the "more deserving", all the nine. I got all these nine from him in writing. I found six of them to be totally distorted.

But this Guru who has some supernormal powers is neither conscientious about the correctness of the mantras he gives, nor has the decency to get the Sanskrit grammar of those mantras checked by some Sanskrit pandit. Guruji would generally listen to me carefully when I pleaded someone's case. For reasons explained later, a real Guru should not initiate many disciples. But my own Guruji, like many others I have seen, initiated many, till I protested strongly.

Then, he explained to me I have seen Gurus and Gurus giving sanyas to their disciples as though it was like distributing carrots. One of them who does not even know how to initiate a disciple into sanyas, takes the help of a Sanskrit-knowing householder. When one of his sanyasi disciples asserted himself, on some point of difference, he not merely turned him out of his ashram but, even said that he had never initiated him into sanyas.

I do not know what is the truth. But such cheap sanyas is what I have seen in many places in India. My Guruji never initiated anyone into sanyas because he was clear about three points: a Pure sattwick, vegetarian food was primary for spiritual life. Such persons are very rare. Sanyas, being a death-like existence in the material world, was not an easy vow for mortals, to observe.

But then why did he initiate so many? His answer was that over a period of time, one improves, spiritually. Initially, I had after many bitter experiences with my Guru-Bhais and Guru-Bahens and great difficulty in accepting this argument. Later, I accepted this as some of them had become very calm, composed, meditative and excellent human beings, after a rather turbulent period of a "wild-oats-youth". The sacred mark on the forehead. Can be both a necklace of beads or even a bracelet.

All that has been said here forms the background for the discussion of the horoscope of my Guruji, late Swami Paramananda Saraswati. He was like any true and genuine saint of India, encouraging study of astrology not for any mercenary motive but, for the twin purpose of keeping alive a great Vedic heritage and seeing practically, through the planets how God controls, regulates and guides the universe.

I would have given up astrology long ago but, he insisted that I should not, for the sake of my own sadhana. My straying into astrological writings 36 and becoming a predictor, for many is what he had foreseen and told a guru-bhai more than thirty years ago, and, more than twenty-two years before, I wrote the first article on astrology. He was a seer in the truest sense of the term and, the greatest I have met, though others, who too are lucky like me, to have genuinely great Gurus, must be having the same regard for their Gurus - and such feelings, sacred and pure as they are.

Now see in the horoscope the three striking sanyas yogas: a Four planets in the eleventh house with the tenth lord and none of them combust. The conjunction being in eleventh house gave him his spiritual attainments very early in life and brought him donations for his ashrams in lakhs, not merely when he breathed and lived amongst us but even ten years after he left us. I had once discussed it with him and he said "that is God's will".

I will discuss it, later. But it happened as I had feared I can say now with confidence that when spiritual promise exists, Ketu's presence in the twelfth house, is an indicator of steady to spectacular progress in spiritual life. In the horoscope of three other extraordinary saints, whom I have had occasion to know closely, I found it giving them, at the right stage of their lives, such spiritual upliftment as is rare.

It should be in the birth horoscope or the navamsha or drekkana. See in the last chapters the astrological explanation. His father, Nadia Bihari Das, had once taken the ailing child, whom no one was able to cure, to the sacred river Ganga, dipped him thrice and prayed, "Mother, you decide either to save him or kill him. Karakamsha in Mithuna with one malefic and two benefics, Mercury and Venus aspected by Jupiter saved him without allowing him to have a normal liver.

Rashi by rashi, it was Simha , it was the period of his babyhood. Kanya , was the period of sickness continuing, with Rahu in fifth, aspected by Mars affecting the stomach region. In a family of non-vegetarians, he was a strict vegetarian. His mother had to cook vegetarian food for him separately, with separate utensils kept apart for the purpose. He had an inborn habit of never speaking, while eating. From Tula, the ninth house, perhaps brought to the fore the habits, outlook and the puritanism 38 of a born Sadhaka, which in East Bengal, Sylhet of those days, was accepted by families, not as a "freak", as modem pseudo psychologists would have us believe, but as a sadhu, born in the family and needing some conveniences for his sadhana.

The entire family accommodated him and his idiosyncrasies but, with keen anticipation. For, it was in the Tula dasha that he came to know of a great Muslim Faqir of Tukur Babar, whom he met quite often and, who told him certain things: "Never discuss Krishna-Leela, openly as most of the vulgar minds cannot see the spiritual sublimity of the highest order.

A well known psycho sexo analyst has written about Radha-Krishna Leela, betraying the limitations of his understanding of these leelas, as the fakir or sublime saints know to be the reactions of men, never rising above the level of "nidra-ahaar-maithuna" sleep, food and sex. Remember to apply Jaimini principles of astrology, as discussed in my book, Predicting through Jaimini's Chara Dasha.

The American theory of abuses is an obsession with psychologists. The Vrishchika Dasha Jupiter in the fifth house, and aspects of so many planets on Jupiter, was a very creative, mystical, poetical period with bad health continuing. In Vimshottari, it was the dasha of Venus, the poetical planet. Bengal of early twenties and thirties had the all-pervading influence of the poet, Rabindra Nath Tagore, the only Indian to have won the Nobel prize for literature. Tagore had dabbled in some painting also along with his prodigious poetical outpouring.

Young Mrinal Kanti wrote lyrics in the undisciplined metrical form, which Shri Narayan Choudhary, a famous literary critic of Bengal, told me personally, were of great merit, great sublimity with a hint or two about his attraction for some girl who seemed to lurk in his imagination. In the late sixties, Shri Narayan Chaudhary wrote a lengthy literary appraisal of the works of Swami Paramananda Saraswati in many journals, particularly one in the now closed Betar Jagat, a Bengali monthly of the All India Radio, which many Bengalis believed, was an excellent literary journal.

Vargottama Simha lagna is a sign of redoubled obstinacy. I do not remember a single instance of any ,mental or emotional flexibility of my late Guruji. Such obstinacy was jarring often in the running of his ashrams, where discipline was violated by one and all, individually and collectively. Notable feature The most notable feature in the horoscope is that all seven planets excluding Rahu and Ketu , occupy four rashis, those of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and of Sunil. There is no influence of Mars or Saturn anywhere. All major planets are in benefic rashis, and coupled with a vargottama lagna, helped him do his sadhana with such a rare single minded devotion, as would be the envy of many.

The same streaks of obstinacy gave him a fanciful idea that he was a painter, like Rabindra Nath Tagore, amateurish, though. Fie never listened to anyone's suggestion that the cover designs of his books of poems could be done better by others, particularly, by Kanuda, a very good painter, his own disciple, staying in the Ashram! Exquisitely devotional songs composed to worship the Goddess Mother.

To know the sattwick quality of a horoscope, this should be seen. The Vrishchika Dasha, with Vimshottari of Venus, was a case of too many pursuits, poetry, painting and sadhana and, the total negligence of studies. But he never gave himself a chance to fail in any examination, because he, after matriculating, just would not appear for any examination, even after attending some classes.

A poet has to sit under a tree and do some brooding perhaps! Whether all poets do it or not, his classmates told me, that he did it. He was seen getting lost in trance-like conditions. He was such a votary of truth and, so excellent a human being that if he ever uttered anything, it came to pass. Jupiter, aspecting his second house, gave him vak-siddhi.

That state of spiritual progress when, whatever the Yogi utters always comes out true. Whatever he said came to pass. The word went round, but in the cosy, comfortable and cultured days of those decades such a gift was respected and not exploited. In Delhi, some fellows have it circulated about themselves that they have such gifts which are at their best when a bottle or two of whisky goes down their throats! And any number of black money owners or quick-fortune seekers, are prepared to do it!

My friend, and a really gifted astrologer, the late Kanad Rishi Bhatnagar too, had such a canard circulated about himself, though I had seen him giving very fine predictions only when he was saner, on Sunday mornings or, on those nights when he came to meet me, taking care not to booze. He knew that I had turned out a Member of Parliament from my house once, when he came dead drunk and wanted me to predict!

Of course, that M. If you know astrology, a bottle or two can still be procured free, in Delhi. Unlike these petty men, a genuine sadhak is required to conceal his gift. The young Mrinal did it so well that only years later, when he was better known as Swami Paramanand Saraswati, some of such incidents were recalled.

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One of them, I could verify very thoroughly, was that of a woman, who as a girl was in love with Mrinal Kanti and, wanted to marry him. But, he told her, "I will not marry, but, at some stage in your life you will be very close to me and I will guide you. Kanuda had developed leprosy. His great career as a commercial artist came to an end. Guruji kept him in the ashram. All guru bhais, it seems, protested, initially. I liked him and helped him, though he was very irritable.

India was partitioned in East Bengal, now Bangladesh, was formed. Hindus had to flee the country. Prabhu Bejoy Krishna Goswami A saint with a wry sense of humour used to say, during his bhajans, a "saint has no past and a sinner no future". I am not one of those, who would argue obstinately, that in the money-and- politics-corrupted India of nineties, only the sinner has a future. Here, the saint was referring to spiritual future not the material one, with a limited vision of a big mansion and imported cars, but to life after death.

But to know the biographical details of a saint or, about his past, is never an easy task. A genuine saint neither speaks of his past, with an "I" and, sometimes speaks to some rarest of rare individual or a disciple, why and how the temptations of the world and flesh must torment him, before he transcends it, if he transcends it at all.

Astrologer Ashok Bhandari (Gemstone Consultation) -

My Guru-bhais, some of them even from Sylhet, now in Bangladesh, and senior to me in age, could not help me except telling me more than what I had collected myself, through cross-checking, from various sources. So, I have to grope my way through the Venus mahadasha, and, part of Sun dasha too, in the Vimshottari, and, upto the end of Makar dasha ending , till I reach a point from where Calcutta based Guru-bhais had, something more personal and vivid to tell me. Dhanu dasha Some of his poems were published in some journals and were also selected for some prestigious anthology of poems along with Rabindra Nath Tagore's and others, I learnt!

Makar dasha It was a period of real change. In Vimshottari dasha, it was Sun's period, his atmakaraka, and vargottama Sun, aspecting the ninth house from Makar, along with Jupiter. The reason? My Guruji had strong differences with his own Guruji, on two grounds. The first was that he never practised any of 'Ma's' of Tantrik Sadhana like 'mas' meat , or madird wine.

But his sadhana was so intense that he went through all its rigours, including "shava" corpse sadhana. He had spent many years in the thick jungles of Kamakhya Hill in Guwahati. In a cosmic manifestation before him, Prabhu Bejoy Krishna Goswami,2 a junior contemporary of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, asked him to propagate Krishna cult and, had even initiated him after a Cosmic Manifestation before him. Some disciples of a great saint, Kiran Chand Darvesh, a direct disciple of Prabhu Bejoy Goswami, had often questioned it.

Once, they had asked me how and why I could accept it. Shukla, who belongs from Indore, had made a call to an astrologer there around 6 a. She also objected to a property matter involving Mr. Sources said a clean chit has been given to two of the six people present in the house on the night of April Shukla, driver Akhilesh on the first floor and house help Golu and his wife in the rooftop room. Akhilesh has been working with the family for nearly 10 years and was treated well by them, said sources.

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