January tarot 2020 capricorn

In the body, Capricorn is associated with the skeletal structure and even the skin.


It represents structural foundations and boundaries. So, with transformative Pluto slowly pushing through this Earth sign, the image of mountain-formation comes to mind! A long, drawn-out upheaval of large amounts of earth. That is what we are all going through during Pluto's transit across the Capricorn portion of our heavens.

Capricorn 2020 Horoscope Predictions by Marina @Darkstar

Saturn moves much more quickly through the signs and has only been in Capricorn since about January of technically, December 20, , for those who like precision. Since Saturn is known to represent such qualities as constriction and responsibility, you may have noticed an uptick in these themes since January , when Saturn joined Pluto -- at a distance -- in its home sign of Capricorn.

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Most of the reports I heard from folks concerning this period amounted to a kind of realness or containment -- time management, responsibilities, and the need to get real. Have you noticed anything like this for yourself? How would you describe the nature of striving or constriction that you have experienced since January ? Answer that and you'll have your Saturn in Capricorn go-to phrase. Now, let's see what happens when we put the energies of Pluto and Saturn together!

Capricorn's monthly horoscope for January

In the past, during the periods when Saturn has conjoined Pluto, we have seen things like world wars and economic bursts, such as the Australian gold rush. We have also seen great progress on creative and technological fronts as with photographic advancements: the first daguerreotype of a Solar Eclipse, for instance, or the first telephone call across the United States, or the creation of the first solar cell to collect solar power.

We also see great advancements in thought as with Einstein's theory of relativity or the Pangea theory. And, that's just since !

Capricorn horoscope 12222:

In those cycles, the conjunction happened in other signs Aries in , Taurus in , Cancer in , Leo in , and Libra in Every time is different, though certain themes may recur. See: The Sun and Mercury until the 17th reinforce your charisma and your ability to reason, while Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto continue to send energies of regeneration and construction.

Uranus, in Taurus, sends to the first decan, a need for freedom, a touch of originality, while manifesting more than usual a need to feel connected to the collective. For Capricorn you are, a whole program! You continue to feel more compassion, Neptune helps you, while Mars, in Sagittarius, in a sector linked to spirituality, to secrets, is stolen from the eyes of the world, from the services of others.

Isolation is possible in order to recharge your batteries. Love in General: You profoundly and inevitably change the way you love. Uranus, in Taurus, in beautiful aspect of your Sun, first decan, announces a probable conjugal tsunami. The meeting of an original, modern person could burst into your life.

Capricorn Horoscope 2020 – Capricorn 2020 Horoscope Yearly Predictions

From the 14th, Venus grants you impeccable words and enhanced seduction. Mars in Sagittarius could facilitate a change in love lived in the secrecy of your heart.

In a relationship: The energies are benevolent, it would be surprising if you did not live a peaceful, stable married life. However, the originality of Uranus in Taurus could come to shake, a little, the first decan. You may struggle with feelings of insecurity when you see others being recognized. As a Saturn-in-Capricorn, you want to be respected and taken seriously—especially by your peers.

Capricorn 2020 Horoscope

As a Saturn-in-Capricorn, you have the gifts of extra patience and fortitude, which allow you to deal with the many obstacles that come your way. You are ambitious and have the will to succeed. Saturn-in-Capricorns are more likely to trust authority and resist going against social conventions.

Respect for authority may have its roots in your relationship with your father or your relationship with another dominant figure in your life. Your life experiences may encourage you to become an authority yourself. Updated January 02, You can find stability in a career that challenges you and allows you to fulfill your potential. All Saturn in Capricorn cares about is that the rules are upheld, and that we're all accountable for our actions.