Sagittarius is most compatible with which zodiac sign

Since they're opposite signs, they each contain what the other is missing. Half the time, this pair can't stand each other. But the other half? It's amazing enough to leave you believing in magic.

What Is the Best Match for a Sagittarius?

When a Sagittarius and a Gemini click, it's fireworks beyond anything you've ever seen before. The only problem? Their differences may doom them before they ever get the chance to see it. But also, think Kanye West and Taylor Swift. See where I'm going with this? Sparks can fly, but they can also crash and burn.

You know that pair that dazzles the entire room with effervescent and charismatic energy?

Sagittarius' Best Matches Are Simply Irresistible

Big chance that they're a Sagittarius and a Leo. With the relatively high demands of an excitable Capricorn on the to-do list, a Sagittarius may tire out very quickly. While both of these signs are running the same proverbial race, Capricorn is the 50 yard dash to Sagittarius' marathon, and the two will quickly outpace one another. Though Sagittarius is slow to get irritated, once they're there they can give the hot temper of a Scorpio a run for their money.

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While a Scorpio is likely to do most of the instigating, a Sagittarius may find their relationship less a pleasant experience and more of a constant battle for the upper hand. In a Sagittarius and Scorpio relationship, the dominant partner must be established early on to prevent future struggles.

A Sagittarius can generally go with the flow, but they don't like familiar routines altered without notice. The ever-efficient Virgo, unfortunately, is very good at rerouting things to their own ideas of efficiency. In a Sagittarius-Virgo romance, it's not uncommon to see a constant back-and-forth as a Sagittarius clings to the same concepts their Virgo partner is trying valiantly to change. Sagittarius cannot abide a lie of any sort, and a Gemini is very skilled at "re-interpreting" the truth in certain situations.

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With both signs naturally disinclined to agree on the truth front, falling into a trap of suspicion and surveillance is all too easy. A Sagittarius can avoid hemming, hawing, and heartbreak by keeping Geminis as friends or acquaintances only. It would be a difficult task to find two signs as at-odds romantically as a Sagittarius-Pisces pair. The slow, steady fire sign of Sagittarius is utterly frustrated at the quickly moving, transient sign of Pisces. Without a common ground in communication, interests, or even basic habits, these two do not do well together in the arena of love.

Due to their different skill sets, however, there's a very good chance they'd make excellent business partners or co-workers. Suigns Compatible with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits and Sign Dates | Allure

These compatibility rankings are based on sun signs only. Try The Quiz Now!! They might clash with their different personalities. He is steady and dependable while she just wants to have fun.

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She will be glad for him to take over their finances and the other mundane decisions in their life as long as she can play. He will have to understand her needs and give in once in awhile to keep her interested. Test Now! Libra can be more sensitive than Sagittarius though.

Sagittarius: Who Are You Most Compatible With?

And their fun can be trouble because neither is good with finances. They will love getting to know each other in and out of the bedroom. Both love adventure but the Libra man is stimulated more by intellectual pursuits while Sagittarius is up for almost anything. This can be a grand love affair with great astrology compatibility between the two zodiac signs that never ends!

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  6. He will want her to take their relationship to the next level and she may not be ready or willing. He will see her as immature and irresponsible especially with money and commitments.

    They will connect better inside the bedroom for she is just as passionate as he is. If he can give her more freedom and she can be more devoted it might work out. Sagittarius is an independent creature that loves to travel and go on adventures. The Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man are social, fun and outgoing too. They will connect well sexually because they both love to have a good time and experiment.

    The only issue between them is that they can sometimes be insensitive or tactless. And they will just have to try harder to understand that this can hurt their partner. Capricorn men tend to be more introverted so she will have to learn to stay home once in awhile. She will also need to learn to tone down her spending as well for the Capricorn man is realistic and practical.