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Jurors deliberated about two hours before finding Katrina Bridges guilty of murder in Androscoggin County Superior Court. She will continue serving the year sentence imposed after her first trial. Bridges, 22, was accused of shooting Christopher Ingraham Jr. It was the second trial for Bridges after her conviction in Washington County Superior Court was thrown out by the Maine supreme court, which ruled that her statements to police should have been inadmissible at trial.

The new trial was held in Androscoggin County Superior Court, where jurors began their deliberations after closing arguments Thursday morning. Police said Bridges offered several versions of how Ingraham was shot. In one version, she said she helped her boyfriend commit suicide but then was unable to follow through on the plan to kill herself.

Bridges initially told investigators that the couple had been the victims of a home invasion. She then returned home to see whether Ingraham was dead. Women store things, organize things, clean things, order things, schedule things. We not only do these chores, we keep a mental bank of what, how, and when these chores need to be done. Think of it as a project management task in the household.

Mononymous French comic artist Emma explained it succinctly in a viral comic for The Guardian , which begins with an overworked mom, preparing dinner for guests and for her children. Having to ask implies a manager to subordinate relationship in the household.

The problem with that, is that planning and organizing things is already a full-time job So a woman is tasked with both the chore itself, and the project management role of orchestrating said chores, regardless of whether she has another job. Tasks include child and adult care, cleaning and laundry, and cooking the latter of which women did twice as much as men. According to the American Time Use Survey , in on an average day 49 percent of women did housework compared with 19 percent of men.

This kind of internal schedule keeping is usually completely cognitive, and therefore invisible.

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And instead offering help, or thanking women for the immense labor of household project management, women are perceived as nags for reminding others to get things done. The household unravels. The struggle was almost always the same—attempting to balance household tasks, while breastfeeding, while attempting to physically heal.

As if gestating a human life, birthing it, mothering it alone—being alone, really—were not enough, there was also the task of acquiring, organizing, and maintaining every material item of consequence for yourself, your partner, and caring diligently for the tiny mammal your body just created. Most of my clients enlisted me to tackle the material aspects of household management, which would leave them to give their full attention to their infant.

There were always mountains of clothing, nearly all of it ill-fitting; maternity shifts that, after birth, were relegated back to being lifeless mumus; too-tight jeans that triggered decision anxiety over whether to throw them away or to lose weight; baby clothes of various sizes, some that were already too small, some that would be grown into. There were countless hospital appointments, always for the baby and never for the mother.

Countless boxes of baby wipes and diapers that would eventually be used. During this process, I never once saw a spouse at home.

Katrina Bridges convicted again | Lewiston Sun Journal

Watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo finally renders these invisible imbalances visible by inviting us into the inner sanctum of the home in disarray. Clutter has been dominating the space. It is time to get rid of it. And rather than obscure domestic disagreements, Tidying Up broadcasts a couple with the exception of one episode which focuses on a widow in the midst of completing a large domestic task, where they are forced to share the work.

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When tasked with home organizing, men and women on Tidying Up treat it very differently. Piles of disorganized possessions provoke disproportionate dismay and shame in the women of the house, while men seem irritated but not personally ashamed.


Katrina exhaustedly confirms this, demonstrating her dresser drawer as the only organized one in the house. She looks, understandably, fed up. She is the only one to take on household management, and cannot possibly accomplish it all while also working full-time. This is also his reasoning for not doing them.

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Marie Kondo proceeds to teach the Merciers how to organize their home. The KonMari method holds that tidying should be done in a concentrated period—not over the course of long extended time—and items should be sorted by category not by room. You start with clothing, then move to books, paper, komono kitchen, bathroom, garage, miscellaneous , and finally sentimental.

Items should be laid out in a pile in the space where they are to be sorted, so they can be viewed in their totality. Every episode goes over these rules, in case viewers have forgotten, so each episode can be viewed separate from the others. As the Merciers navigate KonMari-ing their home, Douglas begins to participate more actively in housework, like sorting and folding the laundry.

So now I do want to help with that a lot more. It was abundantly clear these men were not participating in homemaking tasks or taking responsibility for their children, because they never really had been expected to. If you check her website for certified KonMariTM consultants, nearly all of them are women. The one gay, male couple sorts their kitchen together, and does not clean out a garage.